How To Decide What Color Wedding Dress To Order

How To Decide What Color Wedding Dress To Order

 When you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding gown, our team here at Samila Bridal & Formal understands how important it is that you choose the best color to order! However, with all of the options you have to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming to decide what color is best. 


Traditionally, wedding gowns were always plain white without a whole lot of diversity to choose from. Nowadays, there are so many shades of white that you probably haven’t even heard of! Not to mention all the little details of wedding dresses that can make your gown look different. Our goal with this blog post is to offer some tips for choosing the best wedding dress color for you by explaining the differences among them.


If you’ve got fairer skin, your complexion can range anywhere from English rose to light white. Consider choosing a wedding dress with yellow undertones that will best complement your skin tone! 

Do you tan rather than burn when you’re out in the sun? If so, consider a creamy white dress that will look gorgeous on your skin! 

If this is your skin tone, you’ll absolutely glow with a creamy ivory hue! Yellow undertones are really ideal here because it won’t make your skin look too pink. 

 You look fabulous in all shades of white, even the brightest ones! If you have an olive undertone, you should avoid yellow-ivory shades.


Once you've selected your skin tone group, find out which shade of white will look best on you! In spite of the fact that white may seem "plain" or "standard," it comes in many different shades that complement a wide array of skin tones. You should also remember that different fabrics reflect light differently, so what looks "too white" on the rack might look wonderful when worn!  


As an example of what you can look for when shopping, here are some descriptions of various shades:



 It is most difficult to wear this shade of white if you have fair or medium skin tone. It appears that white fabric glows when worn by ladies with dark skin or tanned skin. For stark white wedding gowns, taffeta, satin, and polyester blends are the best synthetic materials.



Whites that are off white are not as bright and do not appear chalky when photographed. Brides with yellow undertones will look stunning in this color!



When viewed in person, this shade has a slightly pink undertone despite appearing white in photographs. The color is similar to beige and has a sheen. Olive and sallow-toned brides look stunning in this color!



Try holding a swatch of ivory up to your face to see if it suits your skin tone and eye color. Ivory comes in a variety of colors. In terms of lightness, eggshell is the lightest. A wedding ceremony in the evening would look fantastic in the color Candlelight, which has a beige-cream undertone. Ivory ecru, the darkest shade, resembles beige or tan.


We hope this helped explain the differences between colors! Are you ready to find your perfect wedding gown? Book an appointment with our team at Samila Bridal & Formal now!