How to shop for a wedding dress!

How to shop for a wedding dress!

How to shop for a wedding dress!. Mobile Image

Nov 22, 2016

You said yes!!!! Congratulations!!! Ok so now that you've flashed everyone (even the cashier) your shiny new rock, its time to start figuring out what your going to wear! I know most of us ladies have a dream dress we have always wanted, seen a killer gown on Instagram, found the most amazing designer gown on Pinterest....but HOW do you even start shopping for a dress?! Don't worry girl, pop the champagne and take notes, we have years of experience and are here to give you the low down and key things to keep in mind when finding your dream dress!  

Know your budget


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So we all wish we could buy and Elie Saab wedding gown but not all of us have the dosh to have one. Figure out what you can put towards your dress early on so you have a good idea on what to expect. We suggest this dress budget include money to go towards accessories and alterations etc. Knowing your financial limits help narrow things down when going in for the first time trying on dresses. Yes it will be overwhelming, but we are here to help!

It's ok to say yes to the first dress!

screenshot_1 Morilee 2871 We see this all the time. You try on the one dress that catches your eye the most and try it on first, you come out of the dressing room and fall in love (again). Every dress after just doesn't seem to compare and you know what? That's totally ok. We mean it! Sometimes you just know and it's love at first sight. Don't worry about what everyone else says, if you truly love it, so will everyone else.  

Figure out your silhouette

fea64222e45d6e1c240cbb07a6142b74 Now we all have some idea what kind of "shape" we are; apple, pear and every other type of fruit out there. Sometimes we arn't sure what would look flattering on us though. There are many resources online to find what type of style suites your silhouette, but the best way to figure it out is to go into a store and try on dresses. Here at Samila Boutique we have over 18 years of experience dressing all shapes and sizes so you don't have to worry about figuring out what would look good, we already know!  

Keep location in mind!

a3a28ae85f08873ccd5935b144659015 I think this one is self explanatory but lets just put it out there, its probably not a good idea to be wearing a full ballgown if you have decided on a beach wedding.....just saying, unless you decide you want to take the beach with you know how sand is. Keep your location (and season) in mind when shopping for your dream dress.  

Just say yes! And stop shopping!

fa91c8caadf28ccdbed512afa731467c Ok so you found the dress!...or did you? Sometimes we have the "but what if" thought pop into our minds. what if i try on more and find the one? What if another store has more dresses? What if I change my mind? What if? This is where you need to step back, take a minute to breath and vision yourself walking down the isle to the partner of your dreams, can you see yourself in the dress you said yes to? Do you open your eyes to find yourself smiling? If yes? Stop. Looking...seriously. The only thing you will be doing is jumping back and forth confusing yourself and adding far more stress than you need to. It's ok to love your dress, if you entourage have second thoughts, don't listen. At the end of the day it's YOUR day and YOUR style and if you feel beautiful in it, then that's it!  

Be open to different styles

df09ca80a98388dd9f2296b7ab74a634 Sometimes we have such a strong vision in our mind, we get tunnel dress vision. Even though you may have thought about this day since you can remember and know EXACTLY what style and color etc you want, sometimes dresses can surprise you. Get out of your comfort zone and try on some styles you didn't originally think of and they may be better than you expected! At the end of the day, you don't have to purchase it, its a day to have fun and try on all the dresses! Who doesn't love playing dress up?  

Keep in mind other costs!

7baca2978694a3c49b368170ea03f20a You said yes! Buuuuttt it doesnt quite fit....then you remembered you need earrings and a veil and a garter and and and. When you shop for your dress remember to keep some money in your dress budget for other things so they don't surprise you later. always be prepared to avoid stress! Luckily when you come into our store we have a beautifully hand selected range of jewelry, belts, veils and more, so you don't have to worry about where to find all the little details, we got you!  

Keep alterations in mind

e27cd03cf8776ea808ed1b1a7f99aec7 You said yes! Buuuuttt it doesnt quite fit....the hem is a little long...unless you're wearing stilts down the isle...and you need a little taking it in here and there. You want your dress to fit you like a glove, so that you don't have to worry about straps falling, being to bunchy in places, after all it's your big day! We suggest finding someone/ place who work on evening dresses and wedding dresses regularly, because they will have a better understanding of the construction and fabrics (also the detail work like heavy beading). When shopping for your dress at Samilas we offer in hour alterations with our seamstresses who work only on evening and bridal wear, so your in good hands!  

Trust your instincts!

f818873ac426acb2c9df1418713880db Things can get overwhelming very quickly when trying on so many dresses and trying to decide if its the one! It get's a little more complicated when you have friends and family with you who all have different tastes and gosh don't get anything too revealing to offend gran *deep breathe*! Don't worry, we know you want to make everyone happy and still love your dress, and you can! Even with so many people giving their opinions, you need to trust yourself and your instincts, you know your style, you know how you want to look and how you want to be seen. At the end of the day its about you and your partner, so go with you gut feeling!   We love seeing our brides find "the one" and say yes! It brings us so much joy to help each and every one find the dress that they are going to walk down the isle in and feel like the most beautiful woman in the entire world! When you do start to go shopping for dresses, remember, take a deep breathe, be prepared, go out of your comfort zone a little, but most importantly have fun! Who doesn't love playing dress up in beautiful gowns? If you would like to have the full Samila Boutique experience, we would love for you to give us a call on (425) 558 5714 to book your appointment today!