How to Store and Care For Your Wedding Dress If Your Wedding Is Postponed

How to Store and Care For Your Wedding Dress If Your Wedding Is Postponed

How to Store and Care For Your Wedding Dress If Your Wedding Is Postponed. Mobile Image

Sep 17, 2020

The reality of recent times is that many of our brides have had to push their wedding date or change their plans due to Covid-19. Whether it's moving their big day to 2021 or eloping and celebrating with loved ones at a later time. As unfortunate as this may be, we want to continue to be there for our brides every step of the way and help them in anyway we can. Many of our brides already have their gowns in their possession and may be wondering how to keep their bridal gown in mint condition while they wait. We got you!





Store your wedding dress in a cloth garment bag


Avoid any plastic covering over the wedding dress, as plastic doesn't allow fabrics to breathe. There's a potential for staining/discoloration as the fibers break down and gasses are emitted and any moisture in the bag can cause odors if it can't escape. All Samila bridal gowns leave in a cloth garment bag. The breathable bag also protects the gown from dust and prevents anything from rubbing against the gown and snagging the fabric. If you don't have a cloth garment bag, you can wrap your gown in a cotton sheet or call us to purchase one.



Hang up your wedding dress or lay it flat


If you're hanging your dress, make sure you're hanging your dress by the sewn-in hanging ribbons to help evenly distribute the weight. If you solely hang your dress by its straps or shoulders, it could stretch. Long term hanging can damage your dress, especially if your dress is a ball gown or has heavy beaded embellishments. Consider laying your dress out flat in places such as, under the bed or on the top shelf of your closet.



Choose the right environment


Keep your dress in any cool, dry area with consistent temperature and no direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause yellowing or fading. Avoid attics and basements at all costs, as those spaces can be damp and musty. The best places to store your dress would be a bedroom or closet. But remember to keep it out of reach of children and pets. Pet hair can get into your garment bag and so can you kids.



Keep your dress out of sight


The temptation to look at your dress will be strong. But once you've stored your dress away properly, try not to try it on or continously take it out. The chances of staining or snagging your dress increases each time your wedding dress is handled. Makeup and deodorant are some of the biggest culprits for staining when trying on your dress. Every once in a while, take your dress out to fluff it out, but remember to have clean hands or white gloves. Also consider storing your dress at a trusted family member or friend's house to avoid the temptation.



Before the wedding day


A couple months before the wedding day, do a dress try-on and check to see if you need to make any fixes, alterations, or changes. Weight fluctuations are perfectly normal, so don't stress out too much, hand your dress off to a tailor you trust. There may be a few creases on your bridal gown, no worries--a steamer will fix it up. Tip: having a steamer on hand on your wedding day can come in handy. Some hotels will have steamers available.



After the wedding, have it preserved or cleaned


Wedding gown preservation is the process of packaging a gown in archival boxes for long term storage. This is the best way to keep your dress in your family for many generations. Another great option is get your dress professionally cleaned before any stains set in. Samila Boutique is an authorized dealer for Wedding Gown Preservation Co., who specialized in gown preservation and cleaning. Their cleaning methods have been proven and recognized by the International Fabric Institute as having the best methods in the gown preservation industry. Samila brides will get an exclusive discount, contact us for more details