to Veil or not to veil?

to Veil or not to veil?

to Veil or not to veil?. Mobile Image

Apr 04, 2017

To veil or not to veil, that's the question on every brides mind isn't it? We all know veils are a staple tradition for a bride, some say its from the ancient Greeks or Romans who thought it would ward off evil spirits, or the more commonly known tradition, the Bride and Groom not seeing each other before the wedding. Either way brides now days are choosing to forgo this tradition, should you?   Ultimately the decision is personal preference. We put together a mini checklist to help with your decision.  

Tradition or Modern?

DELPHINE | Ultra soft chapel length veil:  Picture ideas- Justin won't be in a suit he will be wearing white linen shirt with khaki pants or tan linen pants whatever is the least hottest lol super simple & Paxx will match him: Are you a bride who is going along with traditions for your wedding or taking a modern approach? Most brides go for the tradition "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue", but are starting to create their own traditions for their weddings and making them more personalized per family.  

Does it go with my dress?

Elvie gold mother of pearl floral wedding hair vine - Guide to wedding veils | Britten Weddings: Sometimes a veil just "makes" the dress, it feels right and puts it all together, and sometimes it just doesn't. If you're trying on dresses we suggest trying on a veil or two at different lengths and types to determine if it feels right or not.  

If yes, what type?

One tier, Fingertip or Chapel length veil with Paloma Re-embroidered Lace edging:  Live in Montreal and looking for vintage rentals and handmade items to compliment your wedding venues? please visit Ok so not everyone is going to want to rock a cathedral length veil, but you haven't decided if you want one at all. Try on a few styles and lengths and see if any of them speak out to you. Some styles suit some dresses better than others, your stylist who is assisting you will know what styles work best for each type of dress so ask them for some help if you can't decide.  

All night long?

Wedding reception games and unique ideas to keep guests happy! - Wedding Party I like the send-off with paper airplanes idea: Another way to have both options is to have is to have your veil attached to a removable hairpiece that won't make your hairstyle fall a part so that you can have the veil for the ceremony and pictures, then let your hair ( or veil in this case) down for the reception! It's a win win! Don't feel bad if grandma wants you to wear one but you don't. It's your big day and you celebrate that however you want! We have a beautifully hand picked selection of elegant veils for our brides and stylists who are here to help you choose the dress of your dreams and perhaps veil too!