Top DIY Hairstyles for Prom

Top DIY Hairstyles for Prom

Top DIY Hairstyles for Prom. Mobile Image

Jan 17, 2017

Hey guys! Guess what?! We are in prom and graduation season! That's right! We know some girls don't want to pay someone to do their hair and makeup, or maybe you jsut really want to do your own because lets face it, 17 yr olds makeup and hair game is waaayyy stronger than what ours was *sigh*. We put together the top finds on diy hair for your prom for all styles and lengths! Girl we got you covered!

1.Whimsical Updo

This one is super easy (Tried and true one for me), hands down one of my faves for medium to long hair. Its cute, whimsical and girlie while being easy enough for you to do it on your own if you know how to do a basic braid. I love this one because it has a minimal use of bobby pins which means when you get home you dont have to go mining for 213098 bobby pins in your hair, you'll thank us later. :P 448ZvcqKKJo  

2. Sleek Half Up

For a more relaxed prom-goer this one is is sleek, simple and sophisticated. Take your curling iron or straightner to ad a few loos waves to give your hair some movement and body. A good oil like Moroccan oil or something to keep the fly aways at bay are going to be key to this look. * Tip* use a non scented dryer sheet on fly aways, just wipe the dryer sheet across your fly aways to keep the static down, no joke this works. half-up-half-down-wedding-hairstyles  

3. Chic Pony

Want to go for something simple but kind of an updo? Go with this chic pony! Add a little curl to it to give it a nice bounce and body! qw-231  

4. Neat Updo

Want an updo that has body and texture but don't want the whimsical princess look? We have the style for you! This "twitst + tuck" is simple, neat and easy to do! The loose waves in this give the hairstyle texture and body without being curls or braids. e6bc23f7e116239ef883e7c0868cbca1  

5.  Mermaid Braid

Going for a braid? Try this side swept look is stunning and easy to do! This braid looks lovely on a strapless dress! Guess what? You can also wear this on the daily! We love this versatile look. 13-side-fishtail-tutorial  

6.  Short Hair Updo

Have short hair but want a fancy updo without extensions? We got you covered with this one. This is great for those who want to have something different but don't think you can with short hair. This one is simple and looks amazing. 5-simple-messy-updo-for-medium-hair-tutorial   We hope these give you some inspo for you prom!! Now to find the dress! Don't worry we got you covered on that front too! Come in and find your prom dress! We have over 5,000 dresses in our Redmond store, we have the right one for you!