Wedding day photo must haves

Wedding day photo must haves

Wedding day photo must haves. Mobile Image

May 18, 2017

We always see such stunning wedding photos and just pray that our wedding photographer gets those jaw dropping pictures too! We decided to put together some photos together that are must haves for you photographer to take on your big day!

Getting ready
Getting ready wedding photos with your bridesmaids 4 /
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These are some of the iconic wedding photos. You can't miss out on these, seriously! The joy and happiness during the morning buzz, excitement and  anticipation is something that becomes so precious and capturing that moment on camera is priceless!

Groom down the isle
A groom watching his soon to be wife come down the isle:
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Oh my goodness this photo is so amazing and a tear jerker for sure! This is the beautiful moment the groom sees his stunning bride walk down the isle, a fleeting moment captured forever. Have you ever considered wether or not the groom wants to unveil the bride? That raises the question, veil or no veil.

Father bride/ Mother bride

Father/Daughter...I know my dad will be like this.:
Father of the bride with bride
Photo: Jennifer Childress Photography:
Mother of the bride with bride

A beautiful moment captured. A milestone in our lives and our parents lives! These are the images that are timeless and we look back on. Who wouldn't want to capture it?

Under veil
Love the couples' expressions in this photo.:
Incredible Wedding Photos of Couples That Go Above & Beyond - Veiled:

THIS! We know every fashion and beauty blogger that's been married has had this super cute photo taken and boy is it a kodak moment! We've had so many photographers tell us they love long veils for pictures!

At first sight
Here she comes! You can practically feel the love and excitement in this pre first look wedding photo.:
first look photos - photo by Alex Lasota

A more recent trend people have been incorporating into their big day is the "first look". After the bride and groom are ready they reveal themselves to each other in a super beautiful intimate moment. The pure emotion captured ( and tears) are a precious moment so capture it!

First dance
First Dance Wedding Shots /
"It's you and me and all the other people, and I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you.":

Who doesn't get a first dance photo???! A cute tradition full of joy. Get  a picture from every angle to capture the day!

elegant bride // photo by Valentina Glidden //
I want a picture like this when I get married :):

The anticipation and excitement for the big day finally being here is written all over a brides face!

What are your favorite photos from weddings? Are any of the ones on our list your faves as well? If you are a previous Samila bride we would love to see your wedding photos!